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Recovery of Illegal Assets

We at Durrieu Abogados are experienced in litigation regarding economic crime, where our attention is placed on the accused without losing sight of the recovery of the assets illegally acquired. Besides criminal sanction, recovering -fully or partially- from loss, while depriving the criminal of the use and benefit of the illegally acquired goods; these are the main two motivations behind the company. In complex cases, assets are normally concealed in other jurisdictions by means of a strawperson. For that reason, we are a member of Fraudnet, an international network of the International Chamber of Commerce composed by lawyers from major countries, specialized in asset recovery for fraud victims.

By way of example, we provide the following services:

  • We conduct national and international investigations in order to detect the assets and strawpeople
  • We request the corresponding precautionary measures of asset freezing, in criminal, administrative and civil proceedings, both in our country and abroad through the network Fraudnet.
  • We claim for civil damages in criminal proceedings.
  • We have broad experience in dealing with district attorney’s offices, security forces and controlling bodies specialized in the matter.
  • In large-scale litigation, we work jointly with investment funds that can defray legal expenses.