Asset Recovery

We are members of ICC-Fraudnet, the largest network of lawyers from different jurisdictions who are specialized in recovering assets from a crime, which gives us a competitive advantage to act fast in the recovery of assets.

Unlike other countries, in Argentina the legal framework that regulate the recovery of assets is mainly criminal law (eg Article 23 of the Criminal Code). There are bills to initiate civil proceedings without a criminal conviction (extinction of ownership) but they have not been enacted yet. If necessary, and as a complement to the foregoing, we are qualified to carry out a civil action in the criminal process or separately, as well as the execution of judgments of other jurisdictions (exequatur).

In cases where the victims do not have the financial resources to face the costs of the litigation, the possibility of reaching economic agreements can be evaluated. We also have investment funds that can acquire all or part of the litigation rights.

By way of example, we provide the following services:

  • We conduct national and international investigations in order to detect the assets and strawpeople
  • We request the corresponding precautionary measures of asset freezing, in criminal, administrative and civil proceedings, both in our country and abroad through the network Fraudnet.
  • We claim for civil damages in criminal proceedings.
  • We have broad experience in dealing with district attorney’s offices, security forces and controlling bodies specialized in the matter.
  • In large-scale litigation, we work jointly with investment funds that can defray legal expenses.