Pro Bono

At Durrieu Abogados, we believe that the exercise of this profession is a useful tool to ensure the access to justice and to contribute to a more egalitarian society. For that reason, our pro bono work has essential value for our firm.

Within our field of expertise in criminal law, we provide pro bono services in specific cases representing individuals that are socially vulnerable or lacking financial means to cope with a criminal proceeding, both as the victim or accused. Moreover, we are willing to offer our services to NGOs that might need legal aid in the matter.

Pro bono work at Durrieu Abogados is carried out under the exact same circumstances as paid work, meeting the standards of professional ethics and excellence that characterizes our firm.

Pro Bono Commission and Federal Network

In May 2017, we joint the Pro Bono Work and the Public Interest Commission of the Lawyers’ Association of the City of Buenos Aires With this Commission, we have been able to participate in criminal suits deriving from the Centros de Acceso a la Justicia (CAJ) [Centers for Access to Justice] of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, located inside the slums Nº 31, 21-24 and La Boca.

Moreover, within the framework of said Commission, DURRIEU ABOGADOS is part of the Red Federal Pro Bono which works as a link between individuals and entities in need of pro bono services and the professionals providing said services all over the country.