About us

The firm Durrieu Abogados is exclusively dedicated to the practice of criminal law along with the various branches it covers. Professional advice is provided both at the national and international levels, giving counsel to individuals and legal entities, prosecutors and defendants.

We have a network of correspondents all over the country and abroad, which enables us to provide comprehensive counsel in the matter.

Our expertise in the private sector and that acquired in providing counsel to the State itself and to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) has paved the way to the development of different consulting services, as well as assistance in all kinds of criminal court suits.

With the aim of meeting current needs and requirements, our lawyers are fully qualified to give counsel in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

In the international front, we are a member of FRAUDNET, the network of commercial crime services of the International Chamber of Commerce, and of RIEDPE, the Ibero-American Network of Studies Specializing in Economic Crime Law.

At Durrieu Abogados, we devote part of our work to pro bono counsel, providing legal aid to victims of crimes lacking legal means to defend their rights through the Red Abogados por el Bien Común (Network of Lawyers for the Common Good).

The American and French Foreign Affairs Offices in Argentina have included us as recommended lawyers for potential inquiries from their citizens.

Academic Work

As part of our professional and academic development, we at Durrieu Abogados perform teaching tasks in renowned colleges in our country and abroad. We also participate in seminars, courses and conferences as panelists and lecturers.

The most relevant issues discussed in said meetings are related to criminal law in general, the most significant being: “Criminal liability of Corporations and Agents”; “The Criminal Justice System against Credit Card Fraud”; “Criminal Liability for Malpractice”; “Crimes of Defamatory Libel and Slander in the Press”; “Foreign Exchange Criminal Law”; “Crimes against Honor and Freedom of the Press”; “Tax and Social Security Criminal Act”; “Embezzlement and Other Types of Fraud”; “Prevention of Corruption and Money Laundering”; “Environmental Crimes” and “Cybercrime in the XXI century.”

Working together

Durrieu Abogados is considered an open firm to which every member can have access on their own merits. If you are interested in developing your career with us, please send us your CV to the following e-mail address: durrieu@durrieu.com.ar