The Firm: As one of the biggest corporate criminal law boutiques in Argentina, this firm specialises in criminal antitrust law as part of an overall expertise in business crime. Observers duly recommended the team “for any antitrust situation involving criminal law.” The group is made up of 12 lawyers and 28 paralegals, who advise an impressive client list of local and international corporations and other law firms.

White-collar crime boutique. Established: 1952 Total lawyers: 15 Partners: 6 The largest and the most significant boutique firm in Buenos Aires specialised in white-collar crime, widely respected for its expertise in this field by the corporate firms that use its services and by its many clients, with a somewhat more international flavour than most firms practising in this area of law. The firm is a member of the Red Iberoamericana de Especialistas en Derecho Penal Económico and Fraudnet. (

Durrieu Abogados is one of the market’s most venerated law firms in Argentina and Latin America. According to sources “the law firm is strongly recommended in both criminal litigation and counsel”.

THE ARGENTINE PENAL CODE AND OTHER CRIMINAL ECONOMIC ARTICLES Durrieu Abogados This English translation of the 2004 Argentina Criminal Code, featuring articles on specific criminal economic issues, is intended to provide easier access to the criminal framework of Argentina. A set of elements and concepts are set up to provide English-speaking readers with a straight-forward grasp of criminal law in Argentina and Latin America. Special focus on the economies of these areas provides a requisite platform for further study of the subject matter. Founded in 1952 and based in Buenos Aires, Durrieu Abogados is one of the oldest and most prestigious law firms in Argentina, specializing in Criminal Economic Law.

Legal 500 Durrieu Abogados Recommended as outstanding law firm in the: constitutional law, public criminal law, economic criminal law practice and tax crimes.