Smuggling and Customs Law

With a view to improving this practice, in the month of June 2017, we merged with Estudio Vidal Albarracín, with over thirty years of experience in legal and operational areas in Foreign Trade and Customs Law, thus broadening our department of Criminal Customs Law, in charge of attorneys Héctor Guillermo Vidal Albarracín, Guillermo Vidal Albarracín and Santiago Vidal Albarracín.

Current methods of foreign trade create new ways of committing crime that require for its defense interdisciplinary customs, foreign exchange and tax-related knowledge.

Counsel covers both individual and corporate criminal liability of importers, exporters, customs brokers or forwarders, custom dispatch agents, in reference with customs violations laws, along with their disciplinary consequences. It also includes legal representation to challenge regulations and standards that are true limitations to foreign trade and hinder the right to freedom of trade of operators.