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Criminal Law General Practice

Within this classification are criminal law-related general activities. Thus, we represent natural and legal persons in matters involving:

  • Crimes against the person, such as road traffic injury and deaths;
  • Crimes against honor, in particular defamatory libel and slander in the press;
  • Crimes against freedom, in particular home invasion or intrusion and invasion of privacy;
  • Property crimes, such as theft, burglary, robbery, extortion, misappropriation of property and damages in general;
  • Public safety violations, such as safety in public transport and the media;
  • Crimes against public order, such as conspiracy, solicitation and others;
  • Public trust crimes: forged or counterfeited documents in general, seals and trademarks;
  • Issuing non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks and false financial statements;
  • Breach of family duty of care;
  • Cases of intellectual property (IP) infringement;
  • Criminal liability for malpractice.