Criminal Compliance

Many laws hold juridical or legal persons liable, as well as its directors. By way of example, the 27,401 Anti-Corruption Act, title IX of 27,430 Tax Act, title XIII of the Criminal Code of crimes against the economic and financial order (money laundering, insider trading, false financial statements, unauthorized financial intermediation). Said laws are of a criminal nature and, therefore, interpreted by judges and district attorneys in the matter. It is worth bearing in mind laws of extraterritorial enforcement jurisdiction, such as US’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Spain’s Organic Law 1/2015 and Brazil’s Anti-Corruption Law 12,846/2013.

Since our main field of expertise is Criminal Law, we can provide the following services:

  • Defend directors and the company in court.
  • Staff training
  • Identify and assess criminal risks, caused either by staff or third parties (providers, clients).
  • Propose necessary recommendations to reduce chances of occurrence.
  • Aid in the investigation, collection of valid evidence for criminal proceedings as well as applicable remediation, in order to reduce penalty or exonerate the company and its directors.