Corporate Fraud

We represent clients in the prevention and litigation of any form of fraud. We are members of ICC Fraudnet, network of lawyers specialized in fraud and asset recovery.

We give legal advice to clients for the prevention of fraud as well as for prosecuting the case (private prosecuting representing the victim within the criminal proceedings).

We had repeatedly defended shareholders in cases of alleged draining of corporate funds, also representing creditors who failed to collect debt due to fraudulent conveyance, in cases of increase in corporate stock for limited liability companies, when minority shareholders default on capital stock subscription; when NSF checks have been issued, fraudulent management; breach of rights agreed upon, among many others. We also participate in the representation of corporations that undergo leaks in confidential information, fraudulent management and other crimes committed by “unfaithful” employees, providers, licensees and distributors, to name a few.

We coordinate internal investigations with protocols of action and under strictest confidentiality. We work in conjunction with a body of accounting investigators specialized in computer science, to preserve the evidence and to avoid any disqualification that could be raised within a criminal process. We also carry out “background cheks” to the parties involved, among other private investigation activities.