After the release of the third edition of his book Delitos Aduaneros [Customs Crimes], attorney Héctor Guillermo Vidal Albarracín, decided to update, deepen and include new topics in this new book, recently released, entitled Derecho Penal Aduanero [Criminal Customs Law].

As it can be seen in the index, it is a work encompassing, in a simple and practical way, a wide range of issues related to crimes committed in global merchandise trade, informing about the latest regulations: the Criminal Code Amendment Bill, comprising in one part all crimes included in special legislation, such as those in the Customs Code; foreign exchange standards, derogating obligations of importers and exporters; repentance law and the new investigative techniques for complex crimes (undercover agent, surveilled delivery, etc.); applying regulations for undeclared assets and moratorium in customs crimes; the criminal liability act for legal persons and the policies of compliance officers, arising from this legislation, etc.

Finally, given the fact that smuggling is a two-faced crime, it is interesting to know how it is dealt with in different legislations and thus, it includes a contrastive international overview of what happens in other countries.