Nicolás Durrieu, the firm’s partner in charge of criminal compliance, has co-coordinated the book entitled Compliance, Anticorrupción and Responsabilidad Penal Empresaria [Compliance, Anti-Corruption and Corporate Criminal Liability] published by La Ley (Thomas Reuters) on March 17 2018.

In this book, 48 national and international authors participated in the analysis of different compliance-related problems, in particular, Act Nº27,401 on the criminal liability of legal persons in acts of corruption, thus becoming the most comprehensive work in the matter to date.

In particular, our partner Guillermo Vidal Albarracín has collaborated in the work analyzing corporate liability in acts of corruption conducted by third parties, focusing especially on customs dispatch agents.

In addition, Nicolás Durrieu has written about the sole exemption of penalty in the Act Nº 27,401, which is the spontaneous self-report of violation.

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